Fall Vibes

Few things make me as happy as the start of a new season. I have a hard time picking an absolute favorite season because by about halfway through a season I start lusting after whatever season is next.

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Rockport, Massachusetts – My Favorite Beach-Less Beach Town



I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really that big on beaches. I’m not too sure what it is I don’t really love. That not that I don’t enjoy going to the beach, it’s just that I can’t do it ALL day. Places where I can go to the beach then go into town, mill around a bit then maybe go back to the beach I love. I like beaches that are more interesting than the Jersey beaches I’m used to where its just kind of beach and nothing really breaking it up if that makes any sense…

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Back to College and Summer Round Up



I’ve been gone for quite a while! Sorry about that. Classes have only just started but I’ve been at school for the last almost three weeks for RA training. There’s so much more to do than I thought there would be, but thanks to my over organizing tendencies I’m somehow able to manage.

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Early July in the Hamptons


Sagg Main Beach


Not going to lie I’m not much of a beach person. This absolutely baffles my brother who loves the beach. But still, that being said I LOVE going out to the Hamptons. I think it’s because the beaches are all so beautiful and the towns are so cute and nice. My family has gone out there most summers for a week, sometimes a long weekend since before I could talk. Not kidding, I took my first steps there across my aunt’s kitchen.

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