Early July in the Hamptons


Sagg Main Beach


Not going to lie I’m not much of a beach person. This absolutely baffles my brother who loves the beach. But still, that being said I LOVE going out to the Hamptons. I think it’s because the beaches are all so beautiful and the towns are so cute and nice. My family has gone out there most summers for a week, sometimes a long weekend since before I could talk. Not kidding, I took my first steps there across my aunt’s kitchen.

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My Favorite Music Right Now (June and July playlists)


I recently started doing this thing where I make a playlist for each month. I started doing it because I found that since I got Spotify I less connection to music I’m listening to. I don’t mean I don’t connect with it I mean associate it with a citrine time. You know when you hear a song and it immediately brings back memories from when you listened to it all the time? I find I had that a lot more when I just used iTunes because I wasn’t rotating music as much as I do now. Don’t get me wrong I love all the new music and artists I’ve discovered but I wanted to get that connection back.

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Morven Garden


Morven Garden is probably in top 3 favorite spots to go early summer. They have a crazy amount of peonies lining the walk ways and it’s just heavenly to me. It’s a little garden and museum in Princeton with a lot of cool history you can get more info on it here.

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Messy Low Ponytail 


I’ve found that I’ve become pretty one toned on how I do my hair recently. I put it up in a plain ponytail or do a French braid. I stand by the classics but I’m trying to mix it up a little. I tried a low pony today which brings back bad memories of how I did my hair in middle school (it was so bad) think super slicked back tight hair with crazy curly ponytail part.

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